Introducing the Ultimate "Stay at Home" Style Guide You Never Knew You Needed! Until You Had to Social Distance

Don't panic, you can look amazing even if you have to stay in the house without your glam squad (your hairstylist, beauty supply store, and BFF) after following these pro DIY hair how to's and secrets, trust us you'll feel better. Download this must-have guide to the tips, products, and tricks that will get you through social distancing and self-isolation with ease.    

Your guide will include:

• Access to 24 of our top DIY hair looks that you can wear to help nourish dry hair, strengthen your edges and grow out your strands while you're at home
• Strand saving how to's, product recommendations, tips, and secrets even if you're wearing your bonnet or scarf all-day
• A checklist of your quarantine stay at home hair essentials and product recommendations according to your hair type. To keep your hair and edges from drying leading to breakage


What Should I Do With My Dry Hair While in Social Isolation

Social Distancing has not been easy, it's taking its toll both physically and mentally.  With every passing day I  go deeper into the abyss of laying around,  not getting dressed and little social contact with other adults-unless, I'm on Instagram.  Continual conversations with my 5-year-old have me pulling my hair out. When they closed my favorite restaurant and bar, I knew it was for the greater good of the community.  When the gym closed I thought OMG, but again, I understood.  When I received the call from my hairstylist stating, because of the quarantine, she would be closed indefinitely. I knew then, ish.. just got real.  
 I just took out my extensions and started getting treatments to strengthen my damaged dry hair and grow out my edges and let's not talk about coloring my roots.   Panicked, I jotted down all her tips and tricks to get me through, they are so amazing and helpful,  I want to share them with you.  Trust me, your dry hair, edges, and roots will benefit from these hair saving tips and style secrets. You can thank me later!  That's how sure I am that you will love them too.
40% of African American women avoid exercising or any physical activity because of their hair.  Let's keep it real.  Now that we are all stuck at home,  we're really not exercising.  
The CDC reports 57% of black women ages 20 and older are obese.  Are you connecting the dots yet?   We are not living our healthiest lifestyles.  So let's not throw caution to the wind or wait for the ban to be lifted before we take real action with our health and our hair.  Get off the couch, exercise (though chasing your 5 old may be enough), dance like no one is looking,  don't let wearing your hair scarf or that top knot become apart of your routine.  There's never been a better time to redefine your new normal.  Let us help.  
It takes 28 days to build a habit, girl, you’re in the house for 30
Everything you should know about your dry hair, edges and social distancing 
Before we let ourselves into your homes and take this virtual quarantine journey together, there are a few things you must know about the long term effects of sitting around and not properly caring for your hair (even if your excuse is that your stylist is officially shut down).   We want you to get used to your new normal and find a routine that allows you to recognize the problems as well as educate you on what’s really happening with your scalp and hair when it's not receiving regular care and attention. 
Below are 5 hair saving tips that you can make part of your daily routine even if no one (except your friends on social media) will ever see you.  
• Take care of your frail edges with a nourishing serum
• Change up your hairstyle
• Don't overuse styling products
• Now is the best time to use hair treatments like deep conditioners
• Pay better attention to your scalp with dry scalp cleansers, essential oils, and moisturizers
Let’s get to the root of the problem. Bad hair care practices can damage our strands.  We know that shampooing daily isn’t feasible for some of us. As you read these tips, our goal is to educate you on the effects that neglect can have on your edges as well as dry hair.  Register below to download our FREE  Style guide for the best styles and at home essentials to help you maintain your hair!  Also, keep scrolling to see some of our dry hair, edges saving tips.