There is a lot of information about the benefits to your mind and body from regular exercise, but how does a good sweat session impact your hair and scalp? You know how it feels when your scalp and strands are sweaty, or even a little stinky. But, what’s happening, and how can you make sure your hair doesn’t get in the way of your healthy habits?


Sweat is great for cooling off our bodies after a good workout. Once the workout is done, sweat has done its job and it’s time to remove sweat from our scalp. Post-workout, sweat and our natural scalp oils combine. This combination causes our scalp to lose moisture and experience acidity (pH) changes. When this combo trickles down to our hair strands our hair can become dry, brittle, and frizzy because our hair shaft swells and our hair cuticles open. We can remove this sweat, scalp oil combo with a wash, but sometimes there just isn’t time for a full wash day. Meet SUNDAY II SUNDAY, the haircare line for active women that cares for your hair and scalp pre, post, and during your workout. Think of us as your post-workout hair buddy.


Protect your hair before the
workout starts.


Hair on the edges of your scalp is the most fragile. Tension from ponytails and protective styles can cause your edges to thin or can create bald spots in other parts of your hair. Protect those edges by applying EDGE FLOURISH to your hairline prior to your headband or hat. It’s made with biotin, coconut, sunflower seed, and safflower seed oils that protect, moisturize, and promote hair growth.



On the go gentle cleansing
to rid your scalp of sweat.


Once you're done with your sweat session give ROOT REFRESH a good shake and apply it to your scalp to rid your scalp of post workout sweat. This sweet smelling combination of apple cider vinegar and micellar water clears dirt and sweat from the scalp, balances your scalp’s pH, and neutralizes odor causing bacteria. No more funny smelling gym hair or sweaty scalp.


On the go conditioning to restore moisture and bring back shine.


Now that you’ve gently cleansed, it’s time to moisturize your hair and get your style back with REVIVE ME. It coats the hair strands with natural botanical extracts and antioxidants to restore moisture lost due to sweat. A few sprays will refresh curls, reduce frizz, and restore shine so you can go about your post-workout day with your hair just the way you like.


Treat your scalp to instant moisture
and increased health.


Need a targeted scalp treatment during your recovery days? Get a healthier scalp in 28 days with SOOTHE ME Daily Scalp Serum. It’s made with peppermint oil and a patent-pending antioxidant, botanical extract that reduces inflammation and relieves itch in 15 minutes. It penetrates the scalp quickly making it perfect for all hair styles including braids, locs and twists.

SUNDAY II SUNDAY believes that your #hairgoals shouldn’t interfere with with your #fitness goals. Use SUNDAY II SUNDAY products to balance your scalp moisture, improve the health of your scalp and hair, and maintain your style.


See you at the gym!