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At SUNDAY II SUNDAY, we understand the connection between the health of your scalp and the beauty of your hair.

Our products are infused with potent clean ingredients and are crafted with meticulous attention to foster a thriving scalp and vibrant hair. Our focus on "between-wash" care caters to the needs of those who don't wash their hair daily, ensuring that your locks remain revitalized and gorgeous even on days you don’t shampoo.


Inspired by active women, our mission celebrates and supports all individuals in their diverse and dynamic lifestyles.

Our "between-wash" products are designed for those on the go, be it through a HIIT workout, an impromptu dance session, a reflective evening with a book, or an intrepid adventure.


We take scalp health seriously and believe in the power of science to drive results.

Our proprietary formulas have been shown to alleviate itchiness within 15 minutes and notably boost scalp health within 28 days. By focusing on the scalp, we pave the way for resilient, lustrous hair.


SUNDAY II SUNDAY is committed to delivering products that complement your dynamic life.

Our purpose is to ensure that your scalp is healthy, your hair is thriving, and your life is as boundless as you choose it to be.