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Article: Hair Care For Runners: How To Maintain & Protect Your Curls

Hair Care For Runners: How To Maintain & Protect Your Curls - SUNDAY II SUNDAY

Hair Care For Runners: How To Maintain & Protect Your Curls

Regardless of how you wear your hair, running is the ultimate sweat test on our scalp and strands. Even though it can do a number on your style, the benefits of running far outweigh the frizz, sweaty roots, and dry scalp that comes later. Besides, SUNDAY II SUNDAY is here to help your hair bounce back after an intense sweat session.

In honor of Global Running Day, here are some of our favorite tips for keeping your hair under control for your next run:

1. Tie Your Hair 

There is nothing worse than your hair brushing the back of your neck mid-run. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it contributes to frizz and dryness by allowing friction and sweat to wreak havoc on the ends of your hair. Choose low impact styles (like a gently-tied high puff or low bun) to ensure constant tension is not being placed on the same parts of your hair.

Tip: Smooth a few drops of Edge Flourish Daily Nourishing Serum into the ends of your hair before styling for extra split-end protection. 

2. Avoid Humidity 

When the concentration of water in the air is greater than our hair, this causes cuticles to swell and — viola, frizz! With summer right around the corner and temperatures rising, many of us are already battling against humidity. While we love our outdoor scenic runs, opting for indoor cardio during humid or rainy months can help you steer clear from any unwanted frizz.

And if you can’t avoid the humidity, cover your tresses with a breathable scarf to help minimize the cuticle swelling.


3. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

Sweat strips valuable moisture from our hair and scalp due in part to its high salt content. Replenishing that lost moisture post-workout is critical for maintaining your hair between wash days. For a quick post-workout hair refresh and revival, we recommend the Spray + Go Bundle . Use the Root Refresh Micellar Rinse to gently cleanse sweat from the scalp and follow by renewing moisture with the Revive Me Daily Moisturizing Spray.  You’ll be left with bouncy, refreshed post-run hair that actually looks and smells good.

4. Use Accessories to Your Advantage

Finding the right hair accessories can be challenging —but once you do, this can be a major game changer for maintaining your running hair. Some of our faves include the moisture-wicking GymWrap by Nicole Ari Parker and the CurlCap, a curly girl’s solution to wearing hats. Triathlete Sika Henry pairs the Edge Flourish Daily Nourishing Serum with her favorite headband to keep her baby hairs under control. Of course, we love using our classic silk or satin scarves that help minimize friction-induced frizz and breakage. 

5. Don’t Stop Running 

Keeping up with your hair care routine as a runner can be challenging and sometimes the silk press outweighs the run (we get it) — but never stop running! Running not only improves mood by releasing endorphins, but enhances sleep quality and cardiovascular health. 
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