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Article: Should I be exfoliating my scalp?

Should I be exfoliating my scalp? - SUNDAY II SUNDAY

Should I be exfoliating my scalp?

Ever wash your hair only to find that your scalp still doesn’t feel clean? After a long week of gels, heavy stylers, and sweat sessions, chances are you’ve got a serious case of scalp buildup.

Buildup = Bad Hair Days 

Buildup is the accumulation of dead skin cells, oils, (including your body’s own sebum), hair products, and sweat that sits on the scalp, causing clogged follicles, flakes, dryness, and more. Not only is buildup the cause behind a number of scalp concerns, but clogged follicles can lead to slowed hair growth, increased shedding, and hair thinning. 

Buildup throws your scalp’s delicate microbiome out of whack — and creates an environment where bacteria that cause itch, inflammation, odor, and flakes thrive. To bring your scalp microbiome back into balance, scalp exfoliation is an absolute game changer for your healthy hair routine.

The Benefits of Scalp Exfoliation

For Oily Hair & Scalp

If you suffer from an oily scalp, exfoliation can help regulate your scalp’s production of sebum, the natural oil that helps keep your barrier protected. When buildup or blockages occur, the scalp tends to overproduce this oil, which is why your hair can feel weighed down a day or two post-wash. Removing buildup by exfoliating your scalp will allow sebum production to stabilize, leaving your scalp balanced and less oily in the long-run.

For Dry, Flake-Prone Scalp

For those dealing with dryness and flakes: scalp exfoliation is the easiest way to remove dead skin,soothe itchiness, and prime the scalp barrier to receive nutrients that help rebalance the microbiome. It’s like pressing a “reset” button for your scalp.

For Normal Scalps

Even if your scalp isn’t driving you crazy, exfoliating is still a great practice for maintaining healthy hair and a balanced scalp microbiome. 

According to this study done in 2018, scalp exfoliation helps increase hair fullness and reduce shedding by stimulating the follicles. Exfoliating also helps reduce the presence and overgrowth of certain yeasts on the scalp that contribute to follicle damage and slowed growth. Yes, you can exfoliate your way to thicker, longer hair!

The Bottom Line

While there are a number of benefits of scalp exfoliation for overall hair health, its ability to effectively remove buildup is unmatched compared to your regular shampoo. Scrubbing away buildup helps unclog follicles, making way for healthier growth.

A scalp free of buildup allows for regular sebum production and healthy cell turnover, which is the key to healthy strands. If you deal with any of the above scalp concerns, exfoliation is an easy way to give your scalp a refresh start. Remember: healthy hair starts at the scalp.

Start Exfoliating!

Looking to give your scalp the reset it deserves? Try our Signature Scalp Balancing Scrub — made with papaya extract to gently break down scalp buildup, while natural sugar crystals buff and exfoliate it all away. Pair it with the rest of our Scalp Balancing Wash System for your healthiest-looking scalp yet. 

Scalp Balancing Scrub - SUNDAY II SUNDAY


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